[Runequest] crossing bridge with a mammoth

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Totally agree. Good points all. :)

I got the impression, though, that Harry's players crossed the bridge,
killed the guards, then went back for their gear.

On Fri, May 14, 2010 at 10:09 AM, Tal Meta <talmeta at talmeta.net> wrote:
> Imagine yourself in the position of the guards for a moment.
> Okay, monks. See those all the time. Probably let them pass without
> harassment, as they are poor and presumably do good works of one sort or
> another.
> But here comes a MAMMOTH. Don't see those everyday. What are monks doing
> with a mammoth? Questions now arise. Before they even try to cross this
> rickety bridge, any guard who expects to retire is going to stop these
> people before they wreck his bridge. Since this is such an odd occurrence,
> what exactly is in those wagons, anyway? They'll need to be searched. Bribes
> may have to be paid, since suddenly these monks seem to have the means to
> pay, unlike the last 200 who came by.
> And hey, didn't that trader who came through here last week say something
> about a group of ne'er-do-well adventurers, who also had a mammoth, who were
> talking loudly in the inn he stayed at about how they never paid taxes, and
> went about looting the tombs of ancient kings and whatnot?
> Wasn't the wife saying that her sister from Farshire said that her husband
> was murdered in a bar fight by some yahoo that owned a mammoth? How many of
> these things could there be in the Kingdom, I wonder...
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