[Runequest] crossing bridge with a mammoth

Tal Meta talmeta at talmeta.net
Sat May 15 00:09:11 EST 2010

Brian Houle wrote:

>     hi one of my characters for some reason got him self a hairy
>     elephant,the thing is they have come to a 150 metre wooder bridge,i
>     told them before the started that they mite come across these things
>     in there breifing,and when they recced the bridge i told them they
>     could see people crossing the bridge and you can hear the bridge
>     creeking,now they have bluffed there way acrosse the bridge and are
>     ready to fight the guards,they were dressed as monks,craffty devles
>     ill have to make them pay for thinking,but they want to bring there

Imagine yourself in the position of the guards for a moment.

Okay, monks. See those all the time. Probably let them pass without 
harassment, as they are poor and presumably do good works of one sort or 

But here comes a MAMMOTH. Don't see those everyday. What are monks doing 
with a mammoth? Questions now arise. Before they even try to cross this 
rickety bridge, any guard who expects to retire is going to stop these 
people before they wreck his bridge. Since this is such an odd 
occurrence, what exactly is in those wagons, anyway? They'll need to be 
searched. Bribes may have to be paid, since suddenly these monks seem to 
have the means to pay, unlike the last 200 who came by.

And hey, didn't that trader who came through here last week say 
something about a group of ne'er-do-well adventurers, who also had a 
mammoth, who were talking loudly in the inn he stayed at about how they 
never paid taxes, and went about looting the tombs of ancient kings and 

Wasn't the wife saying that her sister from Farshire said that her 
husband was murdered in a bar fight by some yahoo that owned a mammoth? 
How many of these things could there be in the Kingdom, I wonder...

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