[Runequest] Time and Skill Increases in RuneQuest III

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> > > If you want to apply the training mechanic to POW, then there's
> > > already a system for training stats. The rules state you can't train
> > > POW, but you can ignore that if you want. I wouldn't want to replace
> > > "you can't train POW" with "POW is ridiculously easy to train if you
> > > have a Disrupt spell".
> >
>The training stats suggestion is the right yardstick for difficulty, but
>I must wonder whether it is plausible that one's
>spiritual/divine/essence connection is something that is trained or
>rather experienced through epiphany.
>Maybe POW training could consist of going out into the desert and
>fasting for forty days and forty nights :)
>When I allowed it, I considered it a guided medatation process.
>I'm a rules-lawyer player myself, so I tend to want to close every loophole.
>As a player, personally I'd capture a trollkin or somesuch, perhaps 
>something unintelligent but aggressive.
>Then I'd set up a "fight club", with my well-armored and skilled 
>friends spectating - "I want you to hit me, as hard as you can"...as 
>needed, I'd cast disrupt until I succeeded.  Fight over, I step out 
>if I'm still conscious.  I wouldn't kill the target (on purpose).
>Sure, you can just deny it as a DM, but logically that it's not a 
>stressful situation, nor that as a character I wouldn't feel 'at risk'.

Well, part of the problem here is that you can get power gain rolls 
too frequently anyway; as they pointed out when the RQ:AIG playtest 
was under way, with frequent adventuring you should have had 25 year 
old rune priests all over the place.
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