[Runequest] Time and Skill Increases in RuneQuest III

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Just to be clear, you don't have to believe that your life is in danger in
order to be tickled. :D

But when you try to tickle yourself, it doesn't work. Why? Is it the lack of


On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 1:34 PM, Peter Maranci <pmaranci at gmail.com> wrote:

> The thing is, so far we've been looking at it purely from the player's
> perspective. But that makes for lousy roleplaying.
> How would the *characters* perceive the issue?
> I'm by no means a fan of Glorantha (quite the reverse), but this
> conversation smacks of Godlearnerism. Perhaps we should try putting in the
> characters terms. Do they represent their abilities by numbers? Do they say
> "I want to increase my DEX from 16 to 19, so I need to work out an increase
> of three points at a training time of 150 hours"? (my numbers may be off, I
> haven't been able to play RQ for years). I'd say no. There can be a desire
> to improve, but in most worlds characters should not be thinking of
> themselves as a collection of numbers - particularly when it comes to POW,
> which represents the soul.
> The one problem is that there IS an easy way for a character to measure
> their own POW: cast 1-point spells until they fall unconscious, maintaining
> a running count until they pass out. Dangerous, but do-able.
> I don't know...it seems to me that the enormous cynicism behind "training"
> POW should itself invalidate the approach. It's like trying to tickle
> yourself; it can't be done, because a fundamental part of the process is the
> genuine belief that your life is in danger.
> That gives me an idea for an interesting scenario, in which a group trains
> POW by targeting unsuspecting individuals with near-fatal attacks. The
> problem is, what's in it for them? How could they make money from it? They
> can't arrange a deal with the trainee beforehand, because that would
> invalidate the training. And if they make the attack without
> pre-arrangement, and THEN try to collect from the trainee, what are the odds
> that they'd get paid?
> Perhaps such a group could act for other reasons than money. Or...perhaps a
> parent might purchase such training for their children. I'd suspect that
> there would be dangers involved, however. Not only might the trainee die, or
> seriously hurt or kill a trainer, but they might also develop a long-term
> cynicism that could impair or reduce their ability to ever make POW gains
> again. In their most pitched battles, they might find themselves wondering
> if the experience was real, or just another POW-training trick.
> ->Peter
> On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 11:13 AM, Mark Ahnen <ahnen at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>  'Logically', it's more barbaric than dog-fighting and poses no threat to
>> the participants...except the captured victim.
>> It's not worthy of an 'experience' check.
>> Your powergaming may vary.
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>> > On 27 April 2010 02:16, Phil Hibbs <snarks at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > > If you want to apply the training mechanic to POW, then there's
>> > > already a system for training stats. The rules state you can't train
>> > > POW, but you can ignore that if you want. I wouldn't want to replace
>> > > "you can't train POW" with "POW is ridiculously easy to train if you
>> > > have a Disrupt spell".
>> >
>> The training stats suggestion is the right yardstick for difficulty, but
>> I must wonder whether it is plausible that one's
>> spiritual/divine/essence connection is something that is trained or
>> rather experienced through epiphany.
>> Maybe POW training could consist of going out into the desert and
>> fasting for forty days and forty nights :)
>> When I allowed it, I considered it a guided medatation process.
>> I'm a rules-lawyer player myself, so I tend to want to close every
>> loophole.
>> As a player, personally I'd capture a trollkin or somesuch, perhaps
>> something unintelligent but aggressive.
>> Then I'd set up a "fight club", with my well-armored and skilled friends
>> spectating - "I want you to hit me, as hard as you can"...as needed, I'd
>> cast disrupt until I succeeded.  Fight over, I step out if I'm still
>> conscious.  I wouldn't kill the target (on purpose).
>> Sure, you can just deny it as a DM, but logically that it's not a
>> stressful situation, nor that as a character I wouldn't feel 'at risk'.
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