[Runequest] Time and Skill Increases in RuneQuest III

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>  'Logically', it's more barbaric than dog-fighting and poses no threat to
> the participants...except the captured victim.
> It's not worthy of an 'experience' check.
> Your powergaming may vary.

I'm terribly, deeply, agonizingly sorry I've offended your sensibilities.
 Mea culpa maxima.   If you've recovered from the shock, please define
what's "worthy" enough to warrant a check?  What's your definition?

Personally, I prefer to have actual expressed standards rather than
arbitrariness.  I am not really satisfied with arbitrary DM's because the
players are effectively at their whim, and can't anticipate results of
future actions without having to scurry to the DM for pre-approval.

Please remember to consider in your answer that you can level up stats AND
skills by working with a trainer who, at least generally, ISN'T trying to
kill the character and the character knows that.  Is that the
'justification' of the difference between skill-increase-by-experience
(which could, under certain conditions, take place as often as once a day)
and skill-increase-by-training?

Could, for example, a boxer or wrestler gain a skill check from a bout?
 What about a sword duel between masters "to first blood"?  Between novices?
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