[Runequest] BRP question

Wayne Shaw shaw at caprica.com
Sun Mar 7 07:46:27 EST 2010

At 04:47 PM 3/4/2010, you wrote:
>It is not accurate. BRP has strike ranks as an option, along with 
>most RQ things. Something is little different - escapes me now what 
>it is though - think it's how attacks and parries work, and also the 
>AP of objects had been replaced by HP for objects. RQ magic is 
>missing - instead you get Elric style sorcery and Magic from the 
>Worlds of Wonder set. Sanity and Allegience rules are also in there. 
>You can get the RQ magic from the Basic Magic monograph (which is 
>basically a reprint of RQ3 magic).

Yeah, I forgot to mention that how defensive skill rolls is handled 
is considerably different from RQ parries.

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