[Runequest] BRP question

Mechashef mechashef at emailme.net.au
Sat Mar 6 14:14:36 EST 2010

I'm a big fan of BRP because it is in print and things are being published 
for it.

When BRP was created, it appears they took elements from many of the BRP 
family of games which is a very reasonable thing to do.

Of course it would have made sense to base it on RQ (because that is the 
best) with add on bits to cover those other variations.

Instead it appears it may actually be Elric (or Stormbringer or whatever it 
is called), which in my opinion is an inferior variation of the system.

Don't get me wrong, Elric has some great components, but overall RQ is 

I'm a RQ3 person, and while on the surface, BRP appears to be similar (it is 
closer in some ways to RQ2 than RQ3 - except it is a true D100 system), I've 
noticed differences such as:

DB is calculated differently
Skill Categories have different names and contain different skills
BRP doesn't have the 10 bonus limit for secondary skills
Movement is different
Weapons have different stats between the systems
iirc Shields are handled differently
And I'm sure there are more which escape me.

Of course those things can be changed or House Ruled around, so I would 
recommend getting it, but most likely what you will do is (like me) run it 
as RQ, even if you call it BRP. 

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