[Runequest] parrying with 1h-spear + hailing to the fatigue-rules based on reacent experience :)

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I see the right answer has been given allready, I just want to join in and confirm that a 1h. spear is perfectly possible to parry with. Fiore di Liberi even shows how you can parry a lance-attack with your own lance, it's pretty much the same consept as when you do "winden" with longsword


I'm just back from the re-enactmentbattle of Grunwald btw; here's a teaser from polish TV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efgKl20UK-c (the footage is not from this year's event). This year about 500 000 were watching, and we were about 3000 fighters on the field, 80 mounted, some 20 cannons, some 50 handguns, and some 100 archers on each side. The rest were fighting with polearms or 1h-swords. It was 42 degrees celcius when we fought, and I've now experienced in person how overheating is well reflected in the encumbrance-vs-fatigue-rules in RQ3!


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Actually from the point of view of someone who has been fighting with Medieval Weapons since 1958 - Yes I can imagine it & have done it. I can tell you that the specific gift was added based on me & what I demonstrated during the writing of the game. Steve Perrin had watched a battle I had where I had lost my left arm during an SCA melee back in the mid-70's and proceeded to hold off 7 guys with just a short one-handed spear and still managed to take down 3 of them before my companions came up & finished the rest. Admittedly this was a very unusual case.

So it is as you can see a very valid skill. All that being said if you so desire then you could rationally limit it to "90% to attack and parry when armed with 1H spear & Hoplon (cult) shield". It depends on your vision of the scenario. It would be far more common for the attack to be with the spear & the parry with the shield & thus the player would lose the ability if not armed specifically with the cult shield & spear. How do you envision it?


On 7/19/2010 1:53 AM, Hola Hallo wrote: 
Hi everyone,

Last day my little brother asked me to create a RQ3 character for him. He is a fan of Link, of the Zelda videogames, so he chose to create a green elf. He is initiate of Aldrya and Yelmalio (Halamalao), and when he rolled for the Yelmalio gift, he got the "90% to attack and parry with 1H spear". 

But, wait a second, can you imagine someone parrying attacks with a 1H spear?  O_O;

Should I change this for a 90% parry with shield?
Or just take the 2H-spear-90%-attack-and-parry gift instead?

What do you think?

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