[Runequest] 1. [RQ III] Binding Matrix Enchantment (Tony Den)

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> Andrew wrote:
> > Personally, I like the idea, as a high level, heroquest style game for
> > experinced players. Harrek the Berserk bound a god (or portion there of)
> > into its skin (the white bear skin he wears) so there is an in
> > game/gloranthan precedent for it.
> >
> Thanks for the insights Andrew. Wasn't even aware of the Gloranthan
> precedent - must brush up on my lore there:) I agree that one can little
> afford uber items - especially on my world. I think I will go with the
> items is as powerful as the portion of the bound gods current state. The
> trick is the item is "curesed" and to remove the curse the god must be
> released which in turn will rend the item useless. thus if they keep the
> god bound, they have to minimise its power, kind of go around and say it
> doesn't exist etc.

I've found that the best pre-emptive cure for overpowered items is
a) vagueness from the DM to what their powers really ARE ("You've bound a
portion of the winter god; do you REALLY know all the things you can do with
b) even once the powers are determined, a startling inability to control the
magnitude of the effect not to mention - blowback can be a bitch ("I know I
can generate a sort of AoE ice storm on a target...unfortunately, last time
I did it I missed my control roll and I caused an immediate hard frost
throughout the entire district even though it was Fire Season; my goodness
were those Orlanthi ticked when their shamans finally figured out who did

I'm not sure any god would be pleased to have a chunk of themselves tied up
in some material item; Harreck's power is such that he can keep slapping
down the uppity energies - is the player's?  I'd strongly recommend that you
watch Princess Mononoke (or Mononoke Hime, for purists) to see what it's
like to carry around a chunk of a GOD.

For example, IMG a long time party managed to get through Snake Pipe Hollow
and gain the Snake Pipe.  Given my constant reminders of the context of the
artifact, the opaqueness of it to magical investigations of its power (I'm
ruling that draconic magic is hard to elucidate by non-draconic means), and
the magnitude of it's history (It's the freakin' SNAKE PIPE), they've
carried that thing around for nearly a game year, never daring to even try
it.  Although they have contemplated it on a couple of instances where a
total-party-kill seemed imminent...they like the idea of (they believe)
perhaps summoning/annoying a True Dragon to immolate everything before they
all die....
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