[Runequest] 1. [RQ III] Binding Matrix Enchantment (Tony Den)

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Fri Jul 16 15:18:04 EST 2010

Andrew wrote:
> Personally, I like the idea, as a high level, heroquest style game for
> experinced players. Harrek the Berserk bound a god (or portion there of)
> into its skin (the white bear skin he wears) so there is an in
> game/gloranthan precedent for it.
> The hard part will be making the item powerful enough, without making it
> an
> uber item.
> My gaming group are playing RQ2 with some 'house rules' and additions from
> RQ3. Once players get to Runelord/priest the game can have a tendency to
> get
> stuck and mired down in drawn out attack/parry and powerful attack spells
> vs
> high magical defence combats. Interesting items do a good job of mixing
> all
> that up we have found.
Thanks for the insights Andrew. Wasn't even aware of the Gloranthan
precedent - must brush up on my lore there:) I agree that one can little
afford uber items - especially on my world. I think I will go with the
items is as powerful as the portion of the bound gods current state. The
trick is the item is "curesed" and to remove the curse the god must be
released which in turn will rend the item useless. thus if they keep the
god bound, they have to minimise its power, kind of go around and say it
doesn't exist etc.

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