[Runequest] [RQ III] Binding Matrix Enchantment

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Thu Jul 15 21:47:12 EST 2010

Hi All

I have a concept I am toying with, thought I would throw it to the list
for comment.

The campaign I am running has the lead character cursed (lead as in only
surviving original member) and tasked with releasing some spirits - long
deceased soldiers bound to a place - so that they may find rest. They were
in turn bound there by a really powerful god king type in pre histroic
times (just after the god war on my world).

The God Kings:
I am thinking of some sort of long deceased race that somehow found a way
to bind a portion of a god inot a matrix type enchanntment (usually an
artifact). Thus lengtheneing their lives and making them very powerful,
but to their detramentrendering them infertile and eventually terminating
their race. Kind of like having under rods made or uranium:)

The concept:
Well two mainly. First one is being able to bind a portion of a god into a
matrix - IMO why not, if one has the power to do so. As its ancient and
long forgotten, I would not have to expain how. Secondly - the gods
themselves. Their worshipers are long gone, they have been forgotten, but
being gods can't really die. i was thinking something in the line of Small
Gods by Terry Pratchett. The key here is the portion that is bound, would
one assume it remains as powerful as the god was when bound, or due to its
nature will wax and wane with the gods own power.

Any thoughts?

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