[Runequest] RQ3 strike rank questions

Wayne Shaw shaw at caprica.com
Sat Jul 10 01:21:47 EST 2010

At 03:38 PM 7/5/2010, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have two questions about the AH (Deluxe) RQ3 rules that I would like to ask:
>1. How long does it take a knocked-down (via knockback etc) 
>character to stand back up? I have been using 3 SR but can't find 
>the actual number anywhere.

I don't think its spelled out, but that's what we used too.

>2. In the "Melee Activities" section of the Combat chapter of the 
>RQ3 Players Book, there is a strike rank calculation example: 
>"Tostig is wounded on melee strike rank 4. His player immediately 
>declares that Tostig is changing his Statement of Intent (costing 3 
>strike ranks) and will begin casting a Healing 4 spell. The spell 
>will require 7 strike ranks to cast (Tostig's DEX strike rank 
>modifier plus 1 per magic point in the spell). The spell will take 
>effect on strike rank 1 of the next melee round."
>Is this calculation correct? It seems to me the spell would go off 
>on SR 4 of the next round (starting at SR 4, +3 for changing 
>Statement of Intent, +7 for the actual casting).

I've forgotten if RQ3 had 10 or 12 strike rank rounds, but that's 
messed up either way.

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