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The pilum is a special, heavy throwing spear (that actually is heavier than most longspears, hence I don't see any problem with throwing long-spears; I've done that myself on several occations, and the extra weight only adds penentration capabilities when it decends) -that isn't very practical for melee, and in addition, the germanic tribes had special spear-points on their jarvelins during the late roman-era/migration period "angorns", that made them quite impractcal to do melee-fightin with, as they had "fish-barbs", making them stuck in their target. But apart from theese two special-jarvelins (pilum/germanic angorn), I follow theese rules:

I cannot remember if the following are my houserules or some sort of standard rules, but I've allways ruled that jarvelins ARE shortspears in every practical consern, so I use the jarvelin-rules if a character/npc throws a short-spear, and short-spear-rules every time  a character use a jarvelin for melee fighting.

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> Subject: [Runequest] Throwing weapons
> Hi, All,
> First, thank you all for the many interesting responses to my past
> questions.
> Second, I have a few more ignorant questions, if I may. Specifically, ...
> 1. What rules are there, if any, on throwing short spears and long
> spears?
> 2. What rules are there, if any, on throwing one's sword into an
> opponent?
> 3. If there is no rule, then would you happen to have a recommendation
> for a house rule?
> I'd be fine with not having a rule for throwing a long spear, instead
> declaring it too ungainly. A short spear, however, seems practical.
> The sword question comes up from some saga (though I no longer remember
> which one), I think.
> Gotta go.
> Sincerely,
> Asher
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