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Short spear is easy since it translates to a javelin, though you might lower
the base percentage when using the spear due to lack of balance.  Doing the
flasher Hollywood style throws with large spears or swords I've generally
limited to a one shot (no experience dots) 05% chance (plus agility bonus)
with 01% chance to impale.  This certainly depends on the tone of your
campaign though; watching movies it would seem this heroic action is quite
common though in reality it would seem to be as likely as trying to impale
someone with a caber toss! 


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Hi, All,
   First, thank you all for the many interesting responses to my past
   Second, I have a few more ignorant questions, if I may.  Specifically,
   1.  What rules are there, if any, on throwing short spears and long
   2.  What rules are there, if any, on throwing one's sword into an
   3.  If there is no rule, then would you happen to have a recommendation
for a house rule?

   I'd be fine with not having a rule for throwing a long spear, instead
declaring it too ungainly.  A short spear, however, seems practical.
   The sword question comes up from some saga (though I no longer remember
which one), I think.
   Gotta go.

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