[Runequest] Hard versus soft armor.

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Three types of armor listed in RQ is a bit contested. That is Ringmail, Bezeinted and scale. Many believe that ringmail and bezeinted is misunderstood victorian interpretations from bayeux tapestry, that actually shows chainmail. The word chaimnail is actually allso a bit misleading, as "maille" means "chain", so that when one says "Chainmail" you actually say chain-chain. There are finds of indian "mail" armor that is only butted together, not riveted together, making the rings either weaker, or much heavier than proper, riveted mail. In my houserules, I let "ringmail" be "butted-mail", and "chainmail" be "riveted mail".


Scale-armor is another type of armor one only see on illustrations, and most often from eastern sources. I don't think there are much evidence of this kind of armor, and I personally believe it's actually "brigantine" or inacurate attempts at showing textile armor sewn in chess-pattern, or mail. (But I might be wrong on this one; as there is no sources indicating that migration-era-germanic tribes, Scandinavian vikings or Northweastern europeans during late 14th/early15th century wore scale, I haven't tried to learn anything in particular about scale. IMHO the fingers of gauntlets are the closest thing we come to "scale", armor, and in my house-rules, where I spilt hit-locations up much more than in the standard RQ3 system, I rule plate-gauntlets as "scale armor" and plate-mittens as "lamellar armor".
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> Is bezainted armour based on real historical armour, or is it only
> found in fantasy games? I can't find any historical references to it
> online.
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