[Runequest] Hard versus soft armor.

Lev Lafayette lev at rpgreview.net
Wed Jan 13 12:58:06 EST 2010

On Tue, 2010-01-12 at 15:53 -0800, royce at efn.org wrote:
> Hi, Again,
>    I'd forgotten all about the errata to the AH deluxe edition.  Thank you
> for reminding me.

It contains *very* important rules!

>   And, if
> chainmail is "soft", then "ringmail" should be, as well, right?

Yes, ringmail is soft. Rings on soft leather.

>    Bezainted?

AKA studded leather. Soft.

>   Lamellar?

Soft again. Although the individual pieces are hard, the armour itself
is flexible and has soft backing.

>   Scale?

Like lamellar but even more flexible. No backing armour.

>   Brigandine?

Cloth plus riveted plates. Again flexible.

>   I lack the experience to say.

So do I, so I welcome any corrections to the above :)


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