[Runequest] Hard versus soft armor.

royce at efn.org royce at efn.org
Wed Jan 13 10:53:27 EST 2010

Hi, Again,
   I'd forgotten all about the errata to the AH deluxe edition.  Thank you
for reminding me.
   So, which armor types are considered hard and which are soft?  Is there
a list?  Is there any consensus on which armor types go in which
   Plate is hard.  Soft leather is soft.  That much is obvious.
   Chainmail is flexible, and so be "soft", is the messge I got.  And, if
chainmail is "soft", then "ringmail" should be, as well, right?  From
what I've read, I'd guess that cuirboilli is "hard".  As for stiff
leather (which the text compares to shoe leather), I'd venture a guess
of "soft".
   Bezainted?  Lamellar?  Scale?  Brigandine?  I lack the experience to say.
   Any answers are warmly welcomed.  Thanks ahead of time.

PS  I know a player will ask, so I'll ask first:  Can my archer buy armor
piercing arrows?

> Plate is rigid armour, chainamil flexible - per the errata, it has its
protective value halved against blunt weapons. Also, historically
chainmail has usually been relatively cheap in terms of skill and
materials to make and maintain, where as plate has not.
> Cheers,
> Nick Middleton

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