[Runequest] Boosting spells - difference in RQ2 and RQ3?

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Hi Lev,

Your page numbers are different from mine - I've got the AH deluxe box with individual books. I'm looking at the section in the INTRODUCTION called COMMON MAGICAL PROCEDURES AND CONCEPTS, subsection SPELLS: Total Magic Points (pg. 9-10) "Total magic points for spirit magicians equal one per point of spell plus the magic points used to boost the spell" 

Then, a little later, under Spell Boosting (pg. 11) is says "...additional magic points can be added to any spell in order to help it overcome defensive magic."

Based on this, I would say your presumption is correct - these extra points do not influence the resistance table roll. The answer to your situational question is "no".



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> Subject: [Runequest] Boosting spells - difference in RQ2 and RQ3?
> In RuneQuest II battle magic may have additional temporary POW added to
> them for the purpose of overcoming defensive magics such as Countermagic
> or Shield (p33). 
> In RuneQuest III spirit magic spells may be augmented by magic points
> (p102 Deluxe). It does not say what the purpose of this augmentation is,
> although in the example (Cormac's Saga, p101), it is used to overcome a
> Spell Resistance. In the Divine Magic chapter (p112) it specifically
> says that spells can be boosted to overcome defensive magics.
> >From this I presume the intent of the description of adding magic points
> to augment spells is for overcoming spell protection and not as a
> general case simply to improve chances on the resistance table. However,
> I do want to hear what others think.
> Can a character in RQIII with 20 points of various stored magic points
> and POW 18 cast a Disruption at an opponent with POW 18, put 11 magic
> points into it (1 to cast, 10 boosted) and achieve an automatic (bar
> 96-00) success?
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