[Runequest] Boosting spells - difference in RQ2 and RQ3?

Lev Lafayette lev at rpgreview.net
Sun Jan 10 23:27:37 EST 2010

In RuneQuest II battle magic may have additional temporary POW added to
them for the purpose of overcoming defensive magics such as Countermagic
or Shield (p33). 

In RuneQuest III spirit magic spells may be augmented by magic points
(p102 Deluxe). It does not say what the purpose of this augmentation is,
although in the example (Cormac's Saga, p101), it is used to overcome a
Spell Resistance. In the Divine Magic chapter (p112) it specifically
says that spells can be boosted to overcome defensive magics.

>From this I presume the intent of the description of adding magic points
to augment spells is for overcoming spell protection and not as a
general case simply to improve chances on the resistance table. However,
I do want to hear what others think.

Can a character in RQIII with 20 points of various stored magic points
and POW 18 cast a Disruption at an opponent with POW 18, put 11 magic
points into it (1 to cast, 10 boosted) and achieve an automatic (bar
96-00) success?

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