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There is the pdf Variant Rules For Sorcery by David Cake where your skill in 
the spell determines how much manipulation you can use.
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>>Actually I found the opposite problem as well. With as little as 1% in
>>Duration, Intensity, and the spell in question, you can cast an
>>Intensity 6* Duration 12 spell. Sure, you'll fail a lot, but that
>>spell will last for months - you'll succeed eventually, even if you
>>don't have a source of MPs to burn (and most PCs quickly acquire such
>>a source).
> Yeah, Duration tended to be the elephant in the room (though you
> could manage on a campaign level enough to make that low a level a
> problem simply by having things come up a little too frequently for
> them to want to keep burning magic points with that little a chance
> of success).  But at some point the Eternal Buff was extemely problematic.
> And of course at the other end, sorcery was so useless at lower
> levels if you weren't going to pursue it diligently, you didn't want
> anything to do with it.
>>Also, I don't really see the point in becoming a sorcerer. Here's what
>>I mean. If you become a Shaman, you give up 90% of your time: but you
>>get a fetch, and you can't get one any other way. If you become a
>>Priest, you give up 50% of your time and income, but you get reusable
>>divine magic, and you can't get that any other way.
>>An adept sorcerer has to give up 75% of his time and income, but all
>>he gets in return is a few percentiles that any self respecting player
>>character would easily surpass by spending a fraction of that time and
>>income on research or training. There aren't any rules that say you
>>can't (for example) learn the familiar creating spells if you're not
>>an adept - and indeed there couldn't be, since you have to learn them
>>as an apprentice to BECOME an adept. Why wouldn't you learn what you
>>want to learn, say "stuff this time and money nonsense", and bugger
>>off with the goods? Yes, you could say that the community will exile
>>you, or whatever, but why is sorcery only "balanced" with roleplaying
>>considerations when the other two big guys (shamans, priests) get
>>mechanical compensations?
> I believe it was assumed that the manipulations other than Intensity
> were unavailable to anyone but people who'd at least become full
> sorcerers, so there was that.
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