[Runequest] Multispell (RQ 3)

Wayne Shaw shaw at caprica.com
Wed Feb 17 04:40:16 EST 2010

>Actually I found the opposite problem as well. With as little as 1% in
>Duration, Intensity, and the spell in question, you can cast an
>Intensity 6* Duration 12 spell. Sure, you'll fail a lot, but that
>spell will last for months - you'll succeed eventually, even if you
>don't have a source of MPs to burn (and most PCs quickly acquire such
>a source).

Yeah, Duration tended to be the elephant in the room (though you 
could manage on a campaign level enough to make that low a level a 
problem simply by having things come up a little too frequently for 
them to want to keep burning magic points with that little a chance 
of success).  But at some point the Eternal Buff was extemely problematic.

And of course at the other end, sorcery was so useless at lower 
levels if you weren't going to pursue it diligently, you didn't want 
anything to do with it.

>Also, I don't really see the point in becoming a sorcerer. Here's what
>I mean. If you become a Shaman, you give up 90% of your time: but you
>get a fetch, and you can't get one any other way. If you become a
>Priest, you give up 50% of your time and income, but you get reusable
>divine magic, and you can't get that any other way.
>An adept sorcerer has to give up 75% of his time and income, but all
>he gets in return is a few percentiles that any self respecting player
>character would easily surpass by spending a fraction of that time and
>income on research or training. There aren't any rules that say you
>can't (for example) learn the familiar creating spells if you're not
>an adept - and indeed there couldn't be, since you have to learn them
>as an apprentice to BECOME an adept. Why wouldn't you learn what you
>want to learn, say "stuff this time and money nonsense", and bugger
>off with the goods? Yes, you could say that the community will exile
>you, or whatever, but why is sorcery only "balanced" with roleplaying
>considerations when the other two big guys (shamans, priests) get
>mechanical compensations?

I believe it was assumed that the manipulations other than Intensity 
were unavailable to anyone but people who'd at least become full 
sorcerers, so there was that.

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