[Runequest] Multispell (RQ 3)

David Cake dave at difference.com.au
Fri Feb 12 18:46:48 EST 2010

At 4:23 PM +1100 12/2/10, Lev Lafayette wrote:
>  > Actually I found the opposite problem as well. With as little as 1% in
>>  Duration, Intensity, and the spell in question, you can cast an
>>  Intensity 6* Duration 12 spell.
>True, if you were very lucky. There's a 94% chance you'd fail losing 1
>MP per casting, and a 5% chance of losing all the MPs you were
>investing. Could be expensive.

	The tendency of sorcery in low power campaigns to result in 
high power spells at very low percentages is one of its flaws as a 

>  > Also, I don't really see the point in becoming a sorcerer. Here's what
>>  I mean. If you become a Shaman, you give up 90% of your time: but you
>>  get a fetch, and you can't get one any other way. If you become a
>>  Priest, you give up 50% of your time and income, but you get reusable
>>  divine magic, and you can't get that any other way.
>90% of time and income for Priests as well.

	In practice, the support of both community and of your church 
organisation is a more crucial asset to sorcerers, who often 
absolutely depend on ritual magic, having huge amounts of MPs to 
burn, etc.  And you assume that Church sorcerers are likely to cast 
long duration spells on each other etc.

At 12:53 PM +0800 12/2/10, Gary Sturgess wrote:
>I tried Sandy's stuff as well - I found it to be ridiculously broken,
>with student sorcerers able to beat Rune Lords fairly easily, even
>when I nerfed several things. If anyone has a set of sorcery rules
>somewhere that don't make spirit magic and divine magic basically
>irrelevant, then I'm definitely interested to take a look.

	I like the basic mechanism of Sandys system - I have never 
liked Free Int, and replacing it with skills as a limit on levels of 
manipulation seems to make more sense (albeit making very high 
powered sorcerers more intimidating, as in theory there is no limit 
to skill). And I really like the idea of dropping incredibly long 
Durations and replacing it with the Presence concept (I recall being 
a vocal voice in favour of this option back in the era of RQ4 debates 
in the 90s) . Presence makes the amount of ongoing magical power 
available to a sorcerer dependent on the amount of sacrificed POW 
makes them intrinsically more balanced with Shamans and Priests 
(whose power is based on the amount on sacrificed POW in their fetch 
or spells respectively) - whereas the logarithmic nature of the 
Duration system meant that while it took a lot of effort to reach a 
really useful level, it them fairly quickly flipped over to 
	(in stock RQ3, sorcerers tended to spend their POW gains on 
enchantments instead, which could be quite unbalancing - some items 
could make quite a big difference, if they had a lot of Duration on 
them particularly)
	A lot of the details of Sandys system I'm not too keen on, 
though. In particular, its fairly easy for a sufficiently fanatic 
sorcerer to buff their Presence a lot through vows etc.

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