[Runequest] Multispell (RQ 3)

Lev Lafayette lev at rpgreview.net
Fri Feb 12 16:23:55 EST 2010

On Fri, 2010-02-12 at 12:53 +0800, Gary Sturgess wrote:
> On 12 February 2010 10:57, Lev Lafayette <lev at rpgreview.net> wrote:
> > Of course, resulting in extreme suspicion if not outright hatred from
> > their local (non-sorcery) community. :)
> You can't really use that as balance, though. In some campaigns, for
> example, the local community might BE sorcery users.

True of course - I was referring to the current campaign.

> Actually I found the opposite problem as well. With as little as 1% in
> Duration, Intensity, and the spell in question, you can cast an
> Intensity 6* Duration 12 spell.

True, if you were very lucky. There's a 94% chance you'd fail losing 1
MP per casting, and a 5% chance of losing all the MPs you were
investing. Could be expensive.

>  Sure, you'll fail a lot, but that
> spell will last for months - you'll succeed eventually, even if you
> don't have a source of MPs to burn (and most PCs quickly acquire such
> a source).

Well, they try to anyway :)

> Also, I don't really see the point in becoming a sorcerer. Here's what
> I mean. If you become a Shaman, you give up 90% of your time: but you
> get a fetch, and you can't get one any other way. If you become a
> Priest, you give up 50% of your time and income, but you get reusable
> divine magic, and you can't get that any other way.

90% of time and income for Priests as well.

> An adept sorcerer has to give up 75% of his time and income, but all
> he gets in return is a few percentiles that any self respecting player
> character would easily surpass by spending a fraction of that time and
> income on research or training.

And a familiar with Telepathy. That's nothing to sneeze at.

>  There aren't any rules that say you
> can't (for example) learn the familiar creating spells if you're not
> an adept - and indeed there couldn't be, since you have to learn them
> as an apprentice to BECOME an adept.

Well the rules which say sorcerers will *only* give instruction after
the application for apprenticeship is successful. Sort of a 'Guild rule'
I suppose, and with standard effects for those who break the rules.

Thanks for the comments,


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