[Runequest] Acid Damage

royce at efn.org royce at efn.org
Tue Dec 14 11:36:59 EST 2010

   I'm no chemist, but I'd figure that acid splashed on a character should
only have a few melee rounds of effect.  And washing it off with plenty
of water (more than just a canteen) should reduce the number of melee
rounds.  But that's old news.
   Let's assume some kind of exciting Hollywood-style acid:
   Most acids have less dramatic effects on metals.  However, chainmail
should be of little protective benefit, as the acid will most likely be
a liquid that flows right through the rings.
   Platemail will be great where it covers with completely, but big leaks
are almost guaranteed anywhere except the cuirass.  Washing acid out of
all the leak-spots will be impractical.  You'll need to get the armor
   Which brings up something else:  leather straps and metal rivets.  The
former will burn through and the latter will corrode quickly.  This
will make a suit of platemail difficult to wear until these small parts
are replaced.
   Leather will be the best defense, especially if you get it off right
afterwards.  Cloth padding will be less effective, as the acid will
both soak through and burn through the fabric, but still better than
   For an armored character, the most immediate effect should be second
degree burns and loss of armor.  For an unarmored character, third
degree burns.
   Which brings me to your actual question, which was damage.  I'd say 1D6
to one hit location -- or 1D3 to two locations -- if the character is
well armored and can the armor off right away.  I'd say 1D6 (or 2D3) to
two or three hit locations (depending on how nasty you're feeling) if
the character is unarmored.  And I think there is some rule somewhere
about which spells protect against acid damage.
   Does that help?

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