[Runequest] Is weapon damage too high?

royce at efn.org royce at efn.org
Tue Dec 14 11:22:17 EST 2010

Hi, All,
   Many interesting answers.  Thank you.
   A follow-up question:  How best can I match this information with the
many reports I've heard of people being stabbed repeatedly, yet walking
out of the hospital the next day with superficial wounds?  And, for a
classical reference, how about all the stabs it took to bring down
Julius Caesar?  Those senators were were physically a lot more
dangerous, most of them trained as soldiers and in their 30's or 40's,
than the senators in the modern USA.
   Would we call these repeated superficial cuts the result of a "miss"
roll?  On reflection, a "miss" roll doesn't necessarily mean that one
combatant missed the other.  I should be more broad-minded in my
interpretation of the rules.
   By the way, one lazy summer I typed up the weapons list on my laptop. 
(The idea was to create different lists for different settings.  For
example, an Ancient Rome weapons list would be missing weapons of the
late Middle Ages, such as the morning star or the poleax.)  Anyways, I
think I'll just make another list with modified weapon damage, so I
don't end up with scrawny scholars dismembering their foes with a
penknife.  :-)
   Thanks again, everyone.

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