[Runequest] Is weapon damage too high?

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Mon Dec 13 16:29:14 EST 2010

royce at efn.org wrote:
> Greetings, Colleagues,
>    Is weapon damage too high?
>    For example, in RQ3 (from Avalon Hill), a dagger does 1D4+2, or 3 to 6
> points.  Double that with an impaling success.  Yet an arm typically
> has only 3 or 4 hit points before being disabled, and 6 or 8 before
> being destroyed or crippled.  Imagine that Tom attacks Dick with a
> dagger.  Dick has 3 hp in his arm, where he gets hit.  Tom's player
> rolls a 4, doing 6 points.  This is enough for the GM to declare that
> the arm is all but cut off.
>    And that doesn't even include damage bonus for strength.  Many
> characters have 1D4 damage bonus.  So Tom's attack could be 2D4+2.
> Hmm.
>    Or how about boxing?  A fist attack does 1D3.  Add 1D4 for strength,
> giving a range of 2 to 7 damage points.  Fatal blows to the head must
> be commonplace, right?  Hmm.
>    So, what do you think?

High maybe, but realistic IMO. Actually the high damage and the fact one
can be snuffed out in the wink of an eye is and has been an important
selling point of the game where i stay. Also as its skills based, the
assumption is that someone using the weapon knows what they are doing. A
punter who just happens to pick up a dagger and have no skill will almost
certainly fail unless he is very lucky, and if he is lucky, well refer to
the high damage:)

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