[Runequest] Is weapon damage too high?

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IMO the dagger in Rune Quest have been the medieval stiletto/rondell-thingie, and that the d4+2 is to give it armor-piercing values that simulates it's actual capassities. I've tested my rondell-dagger against riveted chainmail with padding beneath, and it can go through, somthing you can forget with a bowie-knife, etc. My rondell-dagger weighs around 700gram, is about 35 cm long and looks a bit like this: http://www.darkwoodarmory.com/images/dagRondelI.jpg IMO the d4+2 is IMO realistic if you interpret the dagger as a stiletto. If you use the stiletto against an unarmed target, it would doo too much damage compared to other weapons of similar size. Perhaps if one had to decide when buying a dagger wether it is an anti-armor-dagger or a slashing-dagger, and only apply the d4+2 value to either of the abilities, things would work out without  having to alter the rules so much. Say you go for the stiletto, you get the knife-statistic in a slashing/unarmed setting, but get the d4+2 against armed opponents, and vice versa, if you buy somthing like this (skramaseax from dark-ages, like this one: http://www.helsinki.fi/~pjojala/Iron_Age_knife_dagger_skramasax_Medieval.jpg -you get the d4+2 against unarmed opponents, but only the d3 against armor. That way you don't get the sort of super-chainsaw-stiletto-fantasy-blade the dagger is in RQ3. 
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> Subject: [Runequest] Is weapon damage too high?
> Greetings, Colleagues,
> Is weapon damage too high?
> For example, in RQ3 (from Avalon Hill), a dagger does 1D4+2, or 3 to 6
> points. Double that with an impaling success. Yet an arm typically
> has only 3 or 4 hit points before being disabled, and 6 or 8 before
> being destroyed or crippled. Imagine that Tom attacks Dick with a
> dagger. Dick has 3 hp in his arm, where he gets hit. Tom's player
> rolls a 4, doing 6 points. This is enough for the GM to declare that
> the arm is all but cut off.
> And that doesn't even include damage bonus for strength. Many
> characters have 1D4 damage bonus. So Tom's attack could be 2D4+2. 
> Hmm.
> Or how about boxing? A fist attack does 1D3. Add 1D4 for strength,
> giving a range of 2 to 7 damage points. Fatal blows to the head must
> be commonplace, right? Hmm.
> So, what do you think?
> Sincerely,
> Asher
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