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IMO the damage-issue in RQ(3) suffers from not introducing armor-piercing-rules. In my setting, I tried to introduse slashing, piercing and blunt-damage values, and having the armor allso having different AP vs. theese different attack-types, a chainmail for instance would protect some 10 ap against slashing, 1 ap against bashing and perhaps 5 ap against thrusts
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> Dagger damage was always nuts. Average damage is 4.5 which is a bit
> absurd, Unarmed attacks are equally absurd just because of the damage
> bonus. IMG we've reduced dagger damage to 1d6 and knife to 1d4. I've
> stipulated that unless you have Martial Arts you don;t get a damage
> bonus on your unarmed attack unless you special or better. To balance
> this, I've introduced 'Boxing' and 'Wrestling' as martial arts, so
> that even your occidental characters get to have access to deadly
> unarmed combat if they want.
> We've actually gone further, and changed the rules for what happens
> when you special. IMG when a weapon specials you roll it's 'Special
> Effects Die' (say a d6 for a dagger, or a d10 for a heavy mace). That
> comes in both as extra damage and if you roll high enough you get a
> special effec. So a dagger causes you to bleed out on a 4 or higher,
> does an extra 10 damage if you roll a 6 (simulating hitting something
> vital, which isn't as bad as you think - it is more or less equivalent
> to saying it penetrates armour). A mace ignores soft armour on an 8+
> (and 'crushes' which is to do with the fatigue system I'm
> playtesting).
> I've just noticed the same thing seems to apply to flails (2d6+2) -
> same average damage as a greatsword (2d8), but the minimum damage is 4
> and not 2, which is more deadly, as the maximum damage is irrelevant
> more or less. Sure the flail only causes a max of 14 damage, but it's
> not often that you're going to be in a situation where 14 damage plus
> your magic and damage bonus don't do the trick, but the greatsword's
> damage of 15 or 16 is superior. The only upside is that there's about
> a 10% chance of doing 14+ with a greatsword and only 2% chance of
> doing that with a flail. But given that the average damage is 9, 9
> plus damage bonus and magic is likely to be enough (unless you're a
> rune lord in a flush culture loaded down with enchanted iron, where
> that higher damage will be useful) and if you roll below average,
> you'll roll higher with the flail, it looks to me that the Military
> Flail is the best weapon in the game (as I say, this will change when
> you get to rune level and suddenly that greatsword's higher likely
> hood of scoring iron-plate defeating damage will kick in). I'm sitting
> here wondering whether this is a good thing or not.
> Nikk
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