[Runequest] Is weapon damage too high?

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In my treatment a dagger had more variety,... a generic small-bladed knife
would be closer to 1D3, the 1D4+2 model would be a more significant weapon
(being in the range now of the 1D6+1 short sword).  Even so max damage with
strength bonus could definitely maim an arm, which does seem appropriate.  

Boxing damage was treated as more of a temporary damage, that healed more
quickly.  Strikes to the head were essentially knockout blows (even specific
rules for resistance table check of damage versus hitpoints in the head).
If a professional baseball player hit someone in the head though
(1D6+1+1D6), yeah, that'd kill 'em!


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Greetings, Colleagues,
   Is weapon damage too high?
   For example, in RQ3 (from Avalon Hill), a dagger does 1D4+2, or 3 to 6
points.  Double that with an impaling success.  Yet an arm typically
has only 3 or 4 hit points before being disabled, and 6 or 8 before
being destroyed or crippled.  Imagine that Tom attacks Dick with a
dagger.  Dick has 3 hp in his arm, where he gets hit.  Tom's player
rolls a 4, doing 6 points.  This is enough for the GM to declare that
the arm is all but cut off.
   And that doesn't even include damage bonus for strength.  Many
characters have 1D4 damage bonus.  So Tom's attack could be 2D4+2. 
   Or how about boxing?  A fist attack does 1D3.  Add 1D4 for strength,
giving a range of 2 to 7 damage points.  Fatal blows to the head must
be commonplace, right?  Hmm.
   So, what do you think?


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