[Runequest] Questions about armor.

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Thu Dec 9 05:39:17 EST 2010

Not sure how accurate it is, but the old Compendioum of Arms, Armour and
Castles by Palladium gave some pretty accurate insights. I mention this
only because I only just got around to buying it recently (USD1 on eBay,
USD15 postage, overseas airmail is expensive:)

I think there were more than one styles of chain mail and also didnt the
vikings use scale mail quite a bit?

Good luck.

royce at efn.org wrote:
> Hi, All,
>    I was wondering if others might share their practical experiences in
> using armor.  My campaign is set in 12th century England (around 1140),
> so the armor of that setting is my focus -- in other words, before
> platemail.
>    My understanding is that knights would wear a knee length chainmail
> hauberk, with a steel helmet.  Were these usually the bucket-style
> helmets?  Did the chainmail require straps to stay properly affixed, or
> did it wear well like clothes?  Was padding the norm under chainmail?
> If so, then how practical was it to wear chainmail without a layer of
> padding?  What other important details are there to consider?
>    Who had chainmail, and who didn't?  For soldiers without chain, what
> armor did they have?
>    Any knowledge, corrections, or tips -- either on or off topic -- are
> warmly welcome.  Many thanks ahead of time.
>    Sincerely,
> Asher Royce
> P.S.  Anything on Viking armor & shields would be interesting, as well.
> Their glory days were past by the 1130's, but I'm comfortable with
> anachronisms.  :-)
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