[Runequest] Questions about armor.

royce at efn.org royce at efn.org
Sat Dec 4 06:23:56 EST 2010

Hi, All,
   I was wondering if others might share their practical experiences in
using armor.  My campaign is set in 12th century England (around 1140),
so the armor of that setting is my focus -- in other words, before
   My understanding is that knights would wear a knee length chainmail
hauberk, with a steel helmet.  Were these usually the bucket-style
helmets?  Did the chainmail require straps to stay properly affixed, or
did it wear well like clothes?  Was padding the norm under chainmail? 
If so, then how practical was it to wear chainmail without a layer of
padding?  What other important details are there to consider?
   Who had chainmail, and who didn't?  For soldiers without chain, what
armor did they have?
   Any knowledge, corrections, or tips -- either on or off topic -- are
warmly welcome.  Many thanks ahead of time.
Asher Royce

P.S.  Anything on Viking armor & shields would be interesting, as well. 
Their glory days were past by the 1130's, but I'm comfortable with
anachronisms.  :-)

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