[Runequest] a sweep with a wpn as in d&d

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He's pretty clearly referencing the d20 "cleave" aoe melee attack. 
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harry woolley skrev:
> hi alot of my players are d&d players and keep asking me to work on a rule for sweeping the enmy with their wpns is there a rule im missing i carn,t find one could one of you inlighten me.

Sweep (or trip) as in a judo like legsweep is best done with the
grappling skill or perhaps the kick skill. Compare the attackers skill
result (MS, SS, CS etc.) vs either opponents DEX x 5 or grappling or
kick skill. If the attacker wins the opponent ends up in a prone
position else if attacker fumbles he ends up in a prone position else a
draw with no result.

Sweep could be augmented by martial arts. I would increase the success
level of the attack by one if the martial arts skill is successful (.e.
a SS becomes a CS ets.).

Some weapons could do a sweep. The best example would (IMO) be the
staff. Chain weapons could optionally be allowed to do an entangle
attack with the same end result.

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