[Runequest] a sweep with a wpn as in d&d

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As I come to think of it, there is some rule where you do less damage, and get some pluss to hit, but that is a sweep (vertical cut/swing) against one opponent, I think (I'm still talking about rq3, and I don't know if this is some house-rule, or somthing I have actually read from the rule-book). If you want to go for that rule, I would add that the opponent get the same plus on his percentage to parry/counterattack, as my experience with longsword-duelling with metal blunts is that vertical cuts are somewhat easier to counter. 

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Sweeping; what do you mean? Any cut is a sweep-movement, the most effective usually beeing diagonal sweeps, but some horizontal sweeps are allso depictured in european medieval longsword-manuals. The vertical sweep is practiced by the katanaists (shinto ryu kenjutsu), but I don't know much about that.
I know there is a sweep-attak for gigants and similarily huge creatures in RQ3, used if some gigant uses a flag-pole, tree, etc, to sweep an area to crush anybody in the sector.
If your players want similar rules for human sized people, I advise against it (unless you explain it with magically super-weapons, or super-strength -or if the characters are fighting naked rats or somthing equally small; and if that is the case, I guess scaled-down version of the gigant-rule can be applied).
-If you fight with a blade and tries to sweep several opponents, it's all but impossible to get all of them lined up perfectly, if one of them stand too close, the weapon will stop in that person. If the blade is ultramegamonstersharp and all the opponents are completely naked, and if you get them to stand still in a perfect distance to where you will perform your "sweep", I guess it's possible to be able to cut many opponents.

Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2010 13:56:29 +0000
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Subject: [Runequest] a sweep with a wpn as in d&d

hi alot of my players are d&d players and keep asking me to work on a rule for sweeping the enmy with their wpns is there a rule im missing i carn,t find one could one of you inlighten me.

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