[Runequest] a sweep with a wpn as in d&d

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Seepw attacks:

- "giant" weapons only, ie a tree, dragon's tail, etc.  <- this is a canon
rule, AFAIK at least in RQ3.  Roll to hit everyone separately in a 90 degree
arc in front of the attacker, damage is 75% of rolled damage.

- I allow it under otherwise 'normal' conditions if:
a) attacker is using a chopping weapon, and
b) first attack roll is a special or better, and
c) damage is enough to sever the target (IMG that's 3x location hp after
armor deduction) - remaining unapplied damage can be applied to the next
ADJACENT target within reach with a successful to-hit, etc.  Really, this
only ever happens with some amazing confluence of crits, grossly high damage
rolls, and battlefield layout.  It can NEVER be "planned" by the character.
 Mostly, it just happens against my PC's.  :)

- One of my PC's has a magic whirlwind blade that lets him do this, by
'trading down': if he gets a special strike or better, he can reduce the
success by a level (special becomes normal attack, crit becomes special)
spend 1d6 mp's, and launch into a whirlwind attack that lets him make a
single attack against all adjacent targets within range.  There are only 4
drawbacks - one, if he fumbles any attack, he is immediately made prone in
addition to all other effects.  Two, if he whirlwinds, he cannot parry or
dodge for the rest of the round (but he may already have done so in the
round, of course).  Three this 'whirlwind' automatically attacks ANY
adjacent target, friendly or not.  (Unless an adjacent friendly has
deliberately declared that they're defending against that guy's whirlwind, I
tend not to allow dodge/parry as an attack from a friend is totally
unexpected.)  Fourth, at the end of the whirlwind he has to make a dex*5 to
stay on his feet.  (He's actually working up training a "twirling" skill to
counteract this.)
Yes, Berserk+Whirlwind is beastly.  Yes, he's a Storm Bull.  Yes, he loves
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