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OK, so I'll bite - it's a dragon/ogre centaur.  Here's my stats, based on
what my campaign calls a Mountain Ogre (ie not the canonical human-eating
guys that lurk in human civilizations, but big 'classic' scary ogre (also
eats humans, of course)), and let's say, an average-sized/aged black dragon
(yes, my campaign has a plethora of draconic types, crossbreeds, etc.).

Mountain Ogre STR4d6+12 CON 2d6+6 SIZ 4d6+16 INT 6 POW 2d6+6 DEX 2d6+4 APP
2d6-1 Adult Black Dragon STR 5d6+14 CON 6d6+8 SIZ 9d6+14 INT 3d6 POW 4d6+4
DEX 3d6+2 APP N/A

For 'centaurian' types (Centaurs, Rascullu, etc.) I tend to bastard/blend
the two crossed species...I'd probably go with:
STR 5d6+12 CON 4d6+7 SIZ 6d6+14 INT 2d6 POW 3d6+4 DEX 3d6 APP 1d6+1
I'd probably say it could fly (since the wings would be on the body) but not
belch acid or anything like that.

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