[Runequest] Cross Perspective Requirements and Magical Social Development (RQIII)

Wayne Shaw shaw at caprica.com
Tue Aug 17 04:47:15 EST 2010

At 05:33 AM 8/16/2010, you wrote:
>"A shaman must spend 90% of his time performing the normal daily duties
>of his profession." p98 RuneQuest 3rd (Deluxe) edition.
>"Similarly, they [Priests] must spend 90% of their time at the temple,
>or on temple business" p111 ibid.
>"In some cults, such as Aldrya, Kyger Litor, Hykim, and Ancestor
>Worship, the priests are also shamans. Such shaman/priests have all the
>powers of both a shaman and a priest, as limited by their cult" p19 Gods
>of Glorantha.
>Whilst I have been playing RAW, shaman/priests do seem somewhat
>overpowered (i.e., downright scary!). The combination allows for
>multiple benefits to accrue, but as given above, it is physically
>impossible for the duties to given equivalent status (i.e., one cannot
>work 180% of their time).

I suspect the duties are essentially identical in the hybrid cases, 
since they're defined in terms of service to their community.

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