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Lev Lafayette:
> "A shaman must spend 90% of his time performing the normal daily duties
> of his profession." p98 RuneQuest 3rd (Deluxe) edition.
> "Similarly, they [Priests] must spend 90% of their time at the temple,
> or on temple business" p111 ibid.
> "In some cults, such as Aldrya, Kyger Litor, Hykim, and Ancestor
> Worship, the priests are also shamans. Such shaman/priests have all the
> powers of both a shaman and a priest, as limited by their cult" p19 Gods
> of Glorantha.
> Whilst I have been playing RAW, shaman/priests do seem somewhat
> overpowered (i.e., downright scary!). The combination allows for
> multiple benefits to accrue, but as given above, it is physically
> impossible for the duties to given equivalent status (i.e., one cannot
> work 180% of their time).

We don't really make much distinction between Shamans and Priests in this way. 
We play that a Shaman Priest has to give 90% of his time to being a 
shaman/priest. Similar, a Rune Lord/Priest gives 90% of time, an Acolyte/Priest 
gives 90% and a Rune Lord/Acolyte gives 90%. So, the time given in cult service 
is determined by the largest contribution of the combination.

What this means in practice is that someone who has multiple levels of 
membership in a cult, or has multiple cult memberships, spends less time in each 
particular role than someone who has a single role in a cult. This isn't really 
a problem as most combinations have obvious demarcations and it is clear where 
particular loyalties lie.

So, someone who is a citizen of Pavis and a Priest of Orlanth gives 90% of his 
service, but 9% of that time is to Pavis and 81% is to Orlanth. He doesn't have 
to leave Pavis and lose his citizenship, and can fulfill both roles.

> Is it also not reasonably to hypothesise divine cults that have a little
> bit of sorcery as well, as part of civilisation's development?

Absolutely, although I wouldn't necessarily say that Sorcery is a more civilised 
form of magic than Divine Magic. In fact, the more advanced ancient 
civilisations had very advanced cult structures. Possibly, the advent of the Age 
of Reason might reduce the power of cults, but that doesn't necessarily mean 
that Sorcery is a more advanced magic system, it just means that other magic 
systems will fill the void left behind by the absence of Divine Magic.

If you look at HeroQuest cults, especially those in the Imperial Lunar Handbook 
2, a lot of those cults have Sorcery and Divine spells (Wizardry and Feats in 
HeroQuest terms, but they translate fairly well to RQ).

I don't see a problem with the approach. Heroes and Deities could have stolen or 
gained the knowledge of Sorcery and could provide Sorcery in addition to the 
Divine Magic that they provide.

See Ya

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