[Runequest] Cross Perspective Requirements and Magical Social Development (RQIII)

Phil Hibbs snarks at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 23:35:05 EST 2010

> Hrm. IKWYM, but not 90% with the shaman's perspective and 90% with the
> priest's perspective.

They're the same perspective.

>> I think the Aeolian Church gets both, not sure, I haven't seen an
>> official writeup of it. Thanatar gets sorcery.
> Not through the cult, at least according to the write-ups in Shadows on
> the Borderland and Lords of Terror. They can get sorcery spells from
> heads that they've consumed.

Maybe I'm thinking of Vivamort. But in any case, they don't get both
divine and sorcery. I think it's generally true to say that sorcery
and divine don't overlap as much as, say, divine and spirit do. Maybe
it's because the God Learners tried to bend things too far, and the
universe reacted by forbidding mixing the two ever again. Mysticism
doesn't overlap much with divine either, maybe because of the EWF's
similar transgressions mixing the two.

My theory on why the EWF failed is that they included some ducks in
their ranks, and so the Great Dragon To Be found it couldn't fly.

Don't you just hate self-referential sigs?

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