[Runequest] Cross Perspective Requirements and Magical Social Development (RQIII)

Lev Lafayette lev at rpgreview.net
Mon Aug 16 22:33:28 EST 2010

"A shaman must spend 90% of his time performing the normal daily duties
of his profession." p98 RuneQuest 3rd (Deluxe) edition.

"Similarly, they [Priests] must spend 90% of their time at the temple,
or on temple business" p111 ibid.

"In some cults, such as Aldrya, Kyger Litor, Hykim, and Ancestor
Worship, the priests are also shamans. Such shaman/priests have all the
powers of both a shaman and a priest, as limited by their cult" p19 Gods
of Glorantha.

Whilst I have been playing RAW, shaman/priests do seem somewhat
overpowered (i.e., downright scary!). The combination allows for
multiple benefits to accrue, but as given above, it is physically
impossible for the duties to given equivalent status (i.e., one cannot
work 180% of their time).

Also, many spirit cults a small quantity of typically low-powered divine
magic spells are available as well, equating with the societal
development from primitive to nomad and barbarian culture. 

Is it also not reasonably to hypothesise divine cults that have a little
bit of sorcery as well, as part of civilisation's development?

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