[Runequest] RQ Skill Deterioration

Albert Ramirez al_ramirez_2000 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 29 08:56:05 EST 2010

>What I think RQ is missing - and basically most RPG systems - is skill
>deterioration. I was a black belt at Judo when I was 18, but I doubt
>20 years after giving it up I'd still be considered that level of
>skill (ignoring for the moment the significant decline in my physical
>condition ;) ). Skills that aren't used in real life tend to atrophy -
>not completely, of course (an expert 20 years out of the game doesn't
>become a rank novice), but it isn't insignificant either. The higher
>the level of skill the more training you should need just to overcome
This is why most rune priest's combat skills are limited to DEXx5.  They are too busy with cult duties to practice their combat skills and they deteriorate.

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