[Runequest] Selling some RQ stuff

Lev Lafayette lev at rpgreview.net
Wed Apr 28 09:02:44 EST 2010

On Tue, 2010-04-27 at 14:52 -0700, Ken & Juliane Murphy wrote:
>         Hi gang,
>         Obvious hucksterism here, but I am selling
>         my copy of "Sun Country" and the "RQ Down Under" con book (the
>         one with the white cover) on ebay, and thought somebody might
>         be interested. Of course there's the fact that I'm not
>         computer savy enough to post a link, but a search for RQ
>         aughtta do it :P
>         Best,
>         Ken.

Hi Ken,

In this circumstance, a link would be appreciated, because damned if I
can find it!

A: Because it messes up the order in which people normally read text.
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