[Runequest] Time and Skill Increases in RuneQuest III

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Tue Apr 27 03:15:19 EST 2010

> If they are simply disrupting a rat, a dog or each other for the POW
> roll...cut them off.  I it it was not a 'stressful' situation (combat, life
> and death, etc)...no POW gain roll, no skill rolls etc.
The (legitimate, I think) question being, "how is this different from
training a weapon skill?"

I can train with an instructor who's not ACTUALLY trying to hurt or kill me.
I can spar with a friend and ultimately we both get better.

Thinking on it, tangentially, that actually might be an argument that a
fumbled skill gain roll from training would cause some accidental injury
that would IMO prevent the character training for an amount of time equal to
what they were investing in that training cycle (the logic being that to
train from skill 12, you don't need to be in PERFECT condition, but to train
above 70, you'd really need to be in peak shape).

With some sort of rationalized penalty debuff applied if they have to
adventure in the meanwhile...we all know adventurers don't always get to
pick when adventure 'finds' them...?


This kind of smells like a way to design perhaps a training minigame for the
down times, where risk+cost+time are wagered against reward...POW gain rolls
included, with the potential costs being equivalent to the value gained, ie
fairly big.  Stuff like "soulburned: you regain mana at half rate for X
weeks" or "self-doubt: you're at -4 effective POW vs. spirit combat
possession attempts"....

Ooh, I like this list.  It gives me such great ideas.  I'll be back with
something in a few days.
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