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Rather an accident than by intent, but in our 2 year campaign nobody has ever taken an offensive spell. Thus POW gain rolls have only been available after winning spirit combat. I've found that this makes the pace of POW gain pretty much exactly what I want it to be, so for the next game I'm considering restricting POW checks to only spirit combat, and not spellcasting. Mind you, we have a lower rate of advancement than most people probably like.


@Pete - your website pretty much kept RQ alive for me through the lean years (I wasn't aware of this list at the time) - thanks for that!



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You allow POW gain rolls for their attempts to Disrupt EACH OTHER?!?

POW gain checks should only be allowed for real life-or-death combat situations, I thought. Which might describe some intra-party battles, I suppose.

But I've always been very tough on insisting that skill and POW gain rolls can only be acquired through meaningful effort in a situation where the outcome actually matters. That doesn't apply to training and research, of course!


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> Training hours includes skill bonus, doesn't it?

Not that I recall.

I have always operated that skill bonuses (rather like equipment bonuses
or weapon base chances etc) are independent of training skill

I have a RQ campaign where we didn't have frequent play times and I wanted them to advance fairly rapidly so:
Training d6-1 or 2
Skill d6 or 3
Checks are rolled against your basic skill (without mods) and you ADD your skill bonus to the roll.  So yes, even if you have 100+ skill chance, you always have 4%+ skill bonus (96-00 always fails) to increase.
one check for a success, two for a special, three for a crit or a fumble.

This is pretty much everything in the players' favor, throttle down from there to taste.

Plus my players tend to always try to disrupt SOMETHING (even each other) so they get just about a POW gain roll every day, which to me is staggeringly overpowered (in terms of the stacks and stacks of rune magic they can thereby accumulate) but I can't really figure out how to logically disable that.
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