[Runequest] Time and Skill Increases in RuneQuest III

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If they are simply disrupting a rat, a dog or each other for the POW roll...cut them off.  I it it was not a 'stressful' situation (combat, life and death, etc)...no POW gain roll, no skill rolls etc.


But the greatest 'gotcha' I ever saw was a character who was adventuring and had not used his weapon x (say it was an axe, I can't recall for sure)...saw a wild animal and attacked it...fumbled, crit'ed abdomen for max damage and died.  We left him and did not bring him back for resurrection.


Your campaign may vary.

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> Training hours includes skill bonus, doesn't it?

Not that I recall.

I have always operated that skill bonuses (rather like equipment bonuses
or weapon base chances etc) are independent of training skill

I have a RQ campaign where we didn't have frequent play times and I wanted them to advance fairly rapidly so:
Training d6-1 or 2
Skill d6 or 3
Checks are rolled against your basic skill (without mods) and you ADD your skill bonus to the roll.  So yes, even if you have 100+ skill chance, you always have 4%+ skill bonus (96-00 always fails) to increase.
one check for a success, two for a special, three for a crit or a fumble.

This is pretty much everything in the players' favor, throttle down from there to taste.

Plus my players tend to always try to disrupt SOMETHING (even each other) so they get just about a POW gain roll every day, which to me is staggeringly overpowered (in terms of the stacks and stacks of rune magic they can thereby accumulate) but I can't really figure out how to logically disable that. 		 	   		  
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