[Runequest] Three different topics.

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Sat Apr 24 22:40:01 EST 2010

>  > 1.  A question on parries.
>> >   In RQ, parrying with a spear and parrying with a sword are equally
>> > practical.  Is this realistic?
>> As Tom says, yes, but I'd expand on his caveat to say that some
>> weapons are much better suited to parring other weapons. I would not
>> be happy parrying a poleaxe with a dagger, nor vice versa. Some of
>> this is taken into account by the weapon's AP, and I'm rusty on my RQ
>> rules but isn't there some rule about not attacking and parrying with
>> the same weapon in the same round?
> There was, but it never entirely made sense, or fencing wouldn't work as it
> does.
> True, it was clearly meant to be a game-balancer between 2-hand and 1-hand
weapons; personally, I think the balancer should be more about 2 handed
weapons doing overwhelmingly more damage than 1-hand, than about some
artificial action-limit.

For example, if you have a rapier (or even rapier & main gauche) and I have
a poleaxe, you'd frankly be retarded to try to parry the poleaxe instead of
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