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At 05:12 PM 4/21/2010, you wrote:
>Hi, Guys,
>    If I may impose I have three things I'd like to throw it into one email.
>1.  A question on parries.
>    In RQ, parrying with a spear and parrying with a sword are equally
>practical.  Is this realistic?

Almost certainly not.  But do you really, really want to start 
getting into all the special cases that would be required to deal 
with parrying with various weapons?  Because there's probably a good 
dozen or so different cases if I had to guess.

>2.  A question on RQ III vs. 2nd edition BRP.  The RQ III rule of flexible
>armor giving only half protection against crushing attacks (e.g. a mace).
>BRP instead has a stun result for special hits with crushing weapons.
>Which rule do you prefer, and why?

Well, the RQ3 rule (which only showed up in the errata, and which we 
never used locally) is another special-casing example; there's good 
reason to think thatmost armors interact in varied ways to different 
weapons (picks being the poster child here).

Personally, I prefered the RQ: AIG rule where a special with a blunt 
weapon treated all armor at half value and did better knockback.

>3.  The other day, the venerable D&D module B2, Keep of the Borderlands
>got mentioned.  I would not hold it up as an example of excellent
>adventures, but I will jump to its defense for one reason.  It is a very
>satisfactory primer on elementary RPG for youths.  Back in the day, many
>kids around age 12-14 got started with peers.

That assumes its really a good one, though, rather than just one a 
lot of people were exposed to early.

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