[Runequest] Three different topics.

Wayne Shaw shaw at caprica.com
Sat Apr 24 02:00:30 EST 2010

At 06:34 AM 4/22/2010, you wrote:
>I'm no weapons expert, but it seems to me the only advantage a sword 
>has over a spear is that the sword might have a guard to protect the 
>hand (if it's a late enough model), whereas I've never seen a spear that did.

There's some intrinsic downsides with any longer, heavier weapon when 
it comes to parrying.  Two handed spear use is probably fine as a 
parrying weapon, but I'm not so sure about one-handed.

>The BRP method doesn't entirely make sense for me. The BRP rules try 
>to accomodate both those who are using hit locations and those who 
>arent. It's fine for the blow to be stunning if you aren't using hit 
>locations, but if someone go crushed in the foot with a mace, I'm 
>not sure why they would be 'stunned'. So I apply the flexible armour 
>rule mentioned above, and apply the 'stun rule' only if the victim 
>is hit in the head.

I can quite see it happening if a hit lands in the torso too.  If 
you're going to use that rule with hit locations, probably some 
location-specific effect is more appropriate; after all, you can get 
hit in a limb in a way that leaves the limb temporarily out of action 
but doesn't do serious damage.

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