[Runequest] Three different topics.

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I've been stunned in my arm once, from a blunt sword-cut on a show-fight. It hit me in the elbow of my left arm that was holding a shield, my opponent was aiming at (but then hit my elbow). I was so stunned in that arm that I could not hold anything in my hand for quite some time, and the elbow still hurts, some 10 years later (nothing showed up at the x-ray), and I was not bleeding = stunned :)

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Thanks, Phil.
Hmm - good case for extending that 'stun' rule to the chest and abdomen then. How about arms and legs?
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> Chris:
> > ... So I apply the flexible armour rule mentioned above, and apply
> > the 'stun rule' only if the victim is hit in the head.
> I've been "stunned" (put out of action for 10 minutes) by a relatively
> light kick to the stomach.
> Phil Hibbs.
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