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On Thu, 2010-04-15 at 11:58 +0200, Hola Hallo wrote:

> >Anyway, that's what I recall of it.
> OK, I understand now. So is there anything salvageable at all in it?

Probably some of the maps of the mountain and countryside itself.

> >Well, a few years back I played in a classic D&D campaign and all the
> >old modules there would have worked quite well (albeit with some
> >editing). The Saltmarsh trilogy, the Slavers, the Giants, Drow and
> >(seriously needing editing) the Queen of the Demonweb Pits.
> What was good about it?

Well, we used it for a historical fantasy campaign. Being AD&D it leaned
towards the fantasy, but it still worked. We were able to connect the
various scenarios into a consistent narrative whereby the smugglers from
the Saltmarsh trilogy were a front for the Slavers, who were selling
slaves to the giants, who were trading with the drow and all the way up
to Arachne, who wanted to unravel time itself.

> I agree that the Drow would be too difficult to adapt... Maybe Uz
> close to the Underworld and with Aranea cultists...? :P

Yes, that would work.

> >I also think Keep on the Borderlands could work well, as long as one
> >includes the 'missing half page' that actually explains what is going
> on!
> I have only read about it. It looks a bit like the "Borderlands"
> campaign with Raus Fort, doesn't it? Do you know if any of the
> scenarios could be adapted to Raus Fort? And BTW what's that 'missing
> half page' you mentioned?

It's more like a very low-level version of Snakepipe Hollow. By the
missing half page, the scenario is famous for not naming a number of
major NPCs, and not providing a reason for the collection of rather
antithetical creatures in the one location. An answer is hidden in the
text; there's a old chaos temple and priests running the show. 

> Approaching it by the right side would have yielded completely
> different results, of course. Look at the map.

Very different indeed. It gives a fair bit away; one would have to make
the children very sneaky indeed after that discovery.

> Anyway, nowadays these same PCs are amnesiac and most of the children
> escaped, so now I'm planning for them to find a group of innocent,
> poor, abandoned children looking for refuge at Fort Raus... (maniacal
> laughter)  

*nods* I had a large number of children escape and make home in Dyksund
Caverns. It was a moment of illumination when they realised "Grandpa"

> What was your experience with this scenario???

Pretty much as intended. I decide to include Visla's spirit in the game
and the discovery of her bones, a very "Sadako" (from Ring) moment.


The Dyksund Caverns chapter here:


(The rest of the ogre children escaped to Muriah...)

> BTW, Lev, I've been following your Prax-chronicles to get ideas for my
> own Pavis/Prax campaign! 

I hope it's been worthwhile!

All the best,

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