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harry woolley skrev:
> hi guys  i thought i would do one of the best stories in rpg but use our faverit rules we are still on book one ,just on there way to colvin trying to catch luthor who they think knows were  dragon moutain is for those that dont know about this story its a bit like KRUL.but a good story has the mountain only stays in one place for a few days in one day they been hit buy a band of scorpon men and at night by a band of ork wolf riders ,they just fired a fire ball and took out about 6 of them poor wolves what sise would you use for a fire ball from a wizard as i carnt find one all these years you would think i,d know,well thats all for now as we had to break up for the night.

If you are doing conversions from D&D to RQ you might want to take a
look at Chaosiums "Classic Fantasy" monograph
It uses the "Magic" magic system from the BRP book and adds a lot of
spells similar to classic D&D spells (including Fireball).

And if you haven't done so yet, check out the BRP book
Even if you plan to continue using the RQ II or III rules there's a lot
of goodies in the BRP book (which of course is also available in print).


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